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Hey everyone! Are your parents or grandparents as tech saavy as you? Does your dad think net surfing is a type of sport and your grandma think a computer virus is an actual bug? If so, this is the perfect geeksugar group for you. Let us know all your geekilarious family tech stories so we can share experiences and get a good laugh!

Geek Group Tell All: Funny Tech Stories

Posted By Tech on Jun 12, 2007 at 4:00AM

Thanks to TeamSugar user Girl C for submitting a hilarious story to our Funny Tech Stories group. Her story reminds me that while it's often easier to just take over and help someone fix their computer problems, there are some people that aren't worth reasoning with. Girl C shares:

"I'll start by saying my boss is a tool, and not a useful one! He's the kind of guy that hears a phrase and latches on to it and then uses it over and over without knowing it's meaning. This past month he learned about defragmenting the computer. Someone told him about it and now he 'needs' it done all the time. Today he called me into his office and said 'Uhh C, did you defrag my computer today?' Me, 'Yes.' He's made it part of my duties to do it to his computer daily! 'Well, it's running slow. Do you think I need to defrag it again?' I peered at his screen and he had about 30 different programs open, including several instances of Internet Explorer. I could either explain he's probably maxing out memory or I could just say yes. So I said yes.

Have you every had an outrageously funny tech experience like this one? Does your dad still call e-mail his "www"? Share your Funny Tech Stories in our group. For help, read more