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Hey everyone! Are your parents or grandparents as tech saavy as you? Does your dad think net surfing is a type of sport and your grandma think a computer virus is an actual bug? If so, this is the perfect geeksugar group for you. Let us know all your geekilarious family tech stories so we can share experiences and get a good laugh!

No One Puts My Nook in a Corner, Even Mom

Posted By Morgan Ashley Parker on Jul 19, 2010 at 3:48PM

I finally caved and bought a WiFi Nook over the weekend. After scanning the many (many!) pages of free yet oft-smutty titles, I started an eWishList so I could figure out which books I wanted to buy and load on my new device first. Today I was IMing with my mom and shared my new purchase story with her when we hit a bit of a techie lost-in-translation situation.

Me: I bought a Nook over the weekend and now I need to get some books to put on it. Do you know what that is?
My mom: I think so. Something that fits in a corner?

In her defense, I did recently move and just last week I told her about my new bookcase. I'm curious what her guess would have been if I had went with the Kindle!